Mourning jewellery was often a little macabre, depicting 'Memento Mori' - 'Remember you must die' symbols of skulls and full skeletons, coffins and the Latin phrase inscribed itself.

Pieces were often crafted in Yellow gold and black materials, lacking in colour until the later stages of mourning when these could be introduced again, showing the stages of grief that the wearer was going through.

Most commonly used was jet, a fossilised coal, or other inexpensive alternatives including black enamel and glass. Black gemstones such as Onyx were also common. Popularised in the 1800's by the loss of Price Albert to Queen Victoria, black jewellery gained in popularity.


"I love the storytelling that channels through jewellery. The ability to create memories, hold sentimental value, and become future heirlooms".



Mourning Jewellery today is a beautiful way of creating something tangible in memory of a passing loved one.


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